Mortgage overpayment calculator

What's the outstanding balance on your mortgage?

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How much of your mortgage term is left?



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What's the annual interest rate on your mortgage?
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What type of overpayment do you want to make?
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How much will your overpayments be?
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Reduce your mortgage term by

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Save interest of


The exact amount you could save depends on how your mortgage provider calculates interest. The calculation is made with the following assumptions:

  • Your interest rate stays the same for the rest of your mortgage term
  • You don't borrow more money through your mortgage
  • You don't miss any mortgage payments or take a payment holiday
  • You aren't charged any fees, e.g. early repayment charges
  • You don't make any repayments apart from the ones you specified
  • You have a repayment mortgage, not interest only

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